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“Can you make my company an advertisment?”

This question is the most frequently asked one.

Yes, we can.

But what exactly do you want?

Lure more people into your boutique?

Sell your product?

Tell everyone, just how tasty the food at your restaurant is?


Successful advertising starts with accurate goal setting.

After goals and budget have been clarified, we start the analytical work. We seek the perfect idea that will be successful. Everything starts with an IDEA, with a concept. This idea can take many forms. It can become a flyer, a TV commercial, a print in a trendy magazine. Or it can be a professionally crafted text for your website. And all this will be strictly according to your principles of positioning. If there is no positioning strategy, then we can develop it and find or create the right niche for your product or service, making it stand out among your rivals. Or we can undertake a massive attack - a whole advertising campaign. We will shout it out on all radiostations, we will write an article about you, we will boost your image up to incredible heights.

Just tell us, what do you want to achieve with our help.

We make advertising that works. It works for your benefit.

Lux Transfer - elite passenger transportation
Lux Transfer - elite passenger transportation
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