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We will draw, make a scetch, make a model, test it. Paint it, decorate it, print it, install it if needed.

Beautifully and effectively.

In other words, we offer you full service in design.




What exactly does that mean?

First of all, we should accept the fact that 70% of outer world's signals is percieved through visual contact. World is a great bunch of symbols. Every picture is an array of symbols. There are some symbols common for different cultures, and there are some controversial ones. One should consider that in commercial design, because only then advertising will sell, having made its tough way to client's store-conciousness. And you want advertising to sell, right?


Any visual solution developed by Plan B! is a result of many efforts put together. After basic analysis comes developing of marketing concept, and only then – drawing. Imagine a body without skeleton. A helpless absurd being, totally lifeless. Design is only the skin, the looks. The skeleton is weaved from consumer psychology, marketing ideas and strategical planning.

If you want just a nice picture – ask an art student to draw you one.

You can ask us to paint this elephant pink, because it “looks pretty”. But a pink elephant is bad taste, if you put one on a weapon commercial. It will not sell. We know what we are talking about.

Everything that is related to effective visual solutions – is our job.

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