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“We need a plan!” - she said.

“A detailed plan of what we have to do, or we will never succeed...”

No problem, everything is under control. There is a plan.


And there is no need to test plan A, switch to plan B.

You can always switch to Plan B!, the Advertising Agency.

Co-operation with us always leads to desired results. Advertising is not just a bunch of images and phrases for us. It is our living environment.


Yes, we feed on it, we breathe it, it flows in our blood. We have realized that our world is made out of advertising, whether it's public or hidden, obvious or not. So now we now which buttons to push. Key to success is in our pockets.


Plan B!, the Advertising Agency, offers a spoonful of advertising solutions. We are well aware of the functions of a good agency, and we stick to it.

We think that there are no unsolvable problems, only lack of motivation or resources.

Make yourself at home, browse through our portfolio and drop by to say hello, send us letters and e-mails. And don't worry. Plan B! works.

P.S. In order to make our future co-operation more productive, please consider our Basic Principles. Thank you.

Nordic Star yacht corporate style
Nordic Star yacht corporate style
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